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'Are You Living Up to Your Deepest Understanding?' Webinar with Cynthia Bampton

'Are You Living Up to Your Deepest Understanding?' Webinar with Cynthia Bampton

Life gives us many opportunities to grow and to learn. But do you actually live up to what you know to be true? Or do you choose to stay in a comfortable position and rather avoid the implications which genuine awakening will bring with it? In this webinar, Cynthia will talk about the implications of True Awakening and how we can live up to them. Come to the webinar to receive spiritual teaching, practical guidance and the opportunity to ask Cynthia a question on this or any topic related to the awakening process

Cynthia Bampton offers these webinars on the first Wednesday of every month. Cynthia’s teachings are based on the fundamental truth of non-duality and how to live this in the world, in relationship. These webinars demystify the spiritual path and Cynthia gives concrete suggestions on how you can rest more deeply into your True Self and also to learn to recognize the movement of ego as it arises in your awareness.  After the talk, she will take questions on the topics she has presented. And if anyone is interested she is happy to speak about the Awakened Life Project and the vision to create a new culture beyond limitation and separation.

So if you are interested in coming together with others to understand why you think what you think and why you do what you do then please join us. If you find that you have a deep longing for something more or a Yes arises in you when you think about registering for this webinar then we hope you follow that longing and that yes!

Get to know about the Awakened Life Project and how to join this webinar here: http://awakenedlifeproject.org/en/events/are-you-living-your-deepest-understanding-webinar-cynthia-bampton-april
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