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10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat

10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat

Retreat with Peter Bampton and Cynthia Bampton 

In this retreat, there will be no translation.

What do we mean by Awakening? In short, we mean waking up from the dream of your separate, limited existence to the utterly liberating mystery of who you really are, of who we all really are, as One Consciousness. 

Awakening to our True Nature as Consciousness we discover the “I” that is ever-present and without limits or location. We are not merely confined to a body-mind, rather the body-mind, appears in us. Resting in and as that “I” that transcends and includes all that appears we discover that our True Nature is inherently at Peace. We discover that there is nothing missing and therefore we are inherently Happy.

We discover that we are intimately one with all appearances and are therefore Love itself, in which there is no room for “otherness”, distance or separation. Awakening says "YES" to Life, because our True Self is the dimensionless field of pure sensitivity, intelligence and receptivity that intimately welcomes every experience as a modification of its own Being.

This 10 day Evolutionary Awakening retreat is dedicated to the discovery, exploration and manifestation of this Awakening Consciousness both individually and collectively. You will enter a spiritually charged and highly creative space to explore the deeper implications of spiritual awakening. You will learn ways of working individually and with others to manifest a new possibility for life on this planet. 

Can we imagine living in a context in which others are only interested in supporting the emergence of our own highest potential? Can we imagine discovering together a shared sense of purpose that far transcends the personal dimension of our lives and hence unifies all in a seamless Whole? Contemplating such questions within ourselves and with others opens us to infinite possibilities for human development. 

If you are hungry for deep and lasting transformation, if you want to illuminate the shadows that hold you back, if you want to come together with others in an ecstatic and positively challenging journey in which we reach for the highest, and if you want to experience all of this in an integral context that embraces nature, exercise and delicious vegetarian meals, then this retreat may be for you.

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