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Awakening Man Retreat: A Strong Spine & an Open Heart

Awakening Man Retreat: A Strong Spine & an Open Heart

This is an opportunity to join the men of The Awakened Life Project for a Weekend Retreat in the beautiful valley of Quinta da Mizarela. The retreat will be led by the co-founder of the Project, Peter Bampton and will be in English.

The men of Awakened Life Project are around 20 men of several different nationalities, the majority are Portuguese. The context for our gathering is the spiritual truth of Prior Unity, the radical recognition that we are all expressions of one Being.

Why a Retreat for Men?

Coming together in a deep ground of unity and shared commitment to observe, understand and transcend the psychological and cultural conditioning that binds us, we generate a rare quality of spiritual brotherhood.  It is a deeply relaxed, light and joyous camaraderie based on profound trust that vibrates with a distinctive masculine potency and strength.  Most men, even those who are sincerely interested in Spiritual Awakening, rarely or never experience this potential with other men.  

We often hear about spiritually interested women coming together in women's groups of various kinds, often exploring the theme of the Divine Feminine etc., but as men, we do not tend to be attracted to coming together with other men in a spiritual context. Why is that?  Because as men tend to be attached to our independence, our sense of self-sufficiency and our learned disposition of invulnerability.  But when we sincerely want to break through this masculine conditioning that keeps us estranged from an uninhibited expression of our own True Nature, from other men, and from women, a new dimension of liberated possibility opens up.  

Get to know more about what we will do on the retreat, prices, photos, testimonial videos, and more info: 

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/107874517328722/

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