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The Dream Journey 3 ▼ Beyond Nightmares & Lucidity ▼

The Dream Journey 3 ▼ Beyond Nightmares & Lucidity ▼

On April 14th join the Loba Nomad community for the 3rd Dream Journey- Beyond Nightmares & Lucidity, hosted by Irene & Francesca.
 Nightmares, just like dreams, are a global phenomenon which affect everyone to some degree or other. They are dreams which are characterised by fear and can be highly unsettling. However nightmares are not exclusively dark: within them they carry an element of light which illuminates some of the deepest turmoils of our psyche, helping us to see through our shadows. By dedicating attention and analysis to nightmares, we can identify some of the sources of our destructive patterns, and by making these conscious we may begin to address and solve them.
 By becoming lucid in our dreams we open up infinite possibilities for learning, healing and spiritual ascension. Lucidity was natural to us when we were kids and can become natural again. When we become lucid in our dreams and we learn to stabilize that lucidity, we quickly learn that a lucid dream is as real as waking reality. Recognizing the dream state is recognizing our mind’s true potential.
From experiencing the illusion of matter, to receiving teachings from enlightened beings and integrating our shadows, the dream realm is the perfect space to discover who we are and the incredible reality we live in.
  Follow our workshop to find out more.
 REGISTER HERE -> https://forms.gle/HpBYAWZBGfircdRSA 

 Program 14/04 
⊱ 1h30 Dream Journey with Irene (@psico.delicia) and Francesca (@lamatcreations)
⊱ Sharing circle: did our workshop affect your dreams? Were our tips helpful? Do you have any meaningful dream interpretations you would like to share with the group? (@psico.delicia and @lamatcreations)
⊱ Quick reminder about last month’s workshop: how to remember dreams, how to analyse dreams, what to look out for, how dream symbols can become associated to one of your 7 Chakras and how to remove these blocks.
⊱ Nightmares- a force of light and darkness (@psico.delicia)
⊱ Nightmares and mental health (@psico.delicia)
⊱  Nightmares and recurring dreams- their utility and purpose (@psico.delicia)
⊱ Dream-inspired meditation
⊱ Falling asleep consciously and gaining lucidity (@lamatcreations)
⊱ What to do once we actually become lucid (including shadow integration)
⊱ Embracing the obstacles (nightmares, sleepwalking, lack of sleep and more)
⊱Connecting to the dream world through creative movement
 What you will need 
⊱ Try to write down at least one of your nightmares or recurring dreams before you come to the workshop so we can analyse it together! (Irene will be analysing your written dreams during the workshop)
⊱ Dream journal (if you have one)
⊱ Your Lucid Dream Herbal Blend, if you’ve purchased one in advance (you can do so at Da Lua’s online store, discount code DreamJourney) : https://www.daluaherbals.com/product/lucid-dreams-herbal-blend/
⊱ Pen & paper
⊱ Presence, open-mindedness & no-judgement to yourself and others
 To join (online event) 
1) Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lobanomad/
2) Register here: https://forms.gle/HpBYAWZBGfircdRSA (mandatory!)
3) Join our circle on New Moon Wednesdays at 18h30 BST (19h30 Central Europe time). Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84977407086
 Next sessions 
February 10th, March 10th, April 14th.

 Conscious donation: This event is open to all, make sure you contribute in accordance with your situation and means, to honour the time and energy we put into crafting these creative spaces for us all.
 The suggested donation is of 10€ or more per session:
⊱ PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/lobanomad
⊱ MBway: 936 192 666
⊱ Bank transfer: CGD | Irene Miranda PT50.0035.0824.0067.2397.6308.6
 If you cannot participate live don't worry, our workshops are recorded so that you can still learn with us, at your own time. Gain lifetime access to the class recordings, including unlimited replays. Get in touch via email for this option.

 ‘The Dream Journey’ is a cycle of monthly events that investigates the healing potential of dreams as tools of self-analysis. Dreams are a series of images and sensations that occur in a person’s mind during sleep, and far from being insignificant, these can be used to look deeper into our unconscious. 
 Together, we explore different techniques to help remember our dreams, interpret dream symbols and their corresponding chakras. We explore the concept and potential of Lucid dreaming, the various techniques to implement awareness in our dreams and examine how to use increased dream lucidity to confront our shadow aspects. We will always conclude the sessions with guided meditations to help with dream recollection. 
  Through workshops, journaling & meditation, we will explore the ways dreams may be used as healing tools and how gaining lucidity in the dream world can help us increase clarity and awareness in our waking lives. They will take place on New Moon Wednesdays on Zoom. The Astro Journey is hosted by Irene (@psico.delicia), Francesca (@lamatcreations), Irene (@dalua.irene) & Fiammetta (@shantiflame). Stay tuned for this journey into dreamland. 
 Who is Irene? 
 Irene is Italian and lives between Rome and Torino. Academic, environmentalist, yogi, and writer you may read some of her articles on Scomodo Torino, Pinky Promise and Glocalism. She has a blog coming soon which will cover all of these subjects.
 Tarot and astrology zealot Irene is passionate about the ways these ancient practices may be used for self-analysis and understanding, much like dreams. She follows Lidia Fassio’s humanistic school of astrology for psychological analysis and the Camion-Jodorowsky school of Tarot which uses tarot cards as vehicles of spiritual and mental exploration rather than divination.
 If interested in receiving introspective dream analysis, birth-charts, or tarot readings please contact her by email: irene.lodigiani@gmail.com
 IG: @psico.delicia
 Who is Francesca? 
 Francesca is a psychologist and dance therapist in training. She has always had a strong connection to dreams, recording them and analyzing them for years.  In the past year, she started to explore with Lucid dreaming techniques and delved into the infinite potential of the meeting of our conscious mind with our subconscious.
Her passion for finding creative ways to increase awareness in life has fueled her motivation to delve deep into the unconscious and find ways to bring that awareness into her dreams, consequently enhancing it in the waking life.
 Inspired by Tibetan Dream Yoga and Charlie Morley’s slightly more western approach to Lucid dreaming, she will guide us into a journey of increased awareness in the dream world, and consequently our lives.
 IG: @lamatcreations

 What is Loba Nomad? 
 Loba Nomad is a collective of women's circle facilitators all over Europe, empowering each other through co-created nomadic gatherings, workshops, retreats and self-discovery tools.
 We support & promote the work of facilitators, artists, workshop holders & creators of all kinds. We create alternative spaces where we can all share & grow in a non-judgemental way.
 “We want to encourage reconnection with our social, natural and spiritual environments; with ourselves, the others and our Mother Earth. Our goal is to awaken each individual’s potential for positive growth.”
 Founded by Irene & Fiammetta.
 Join us at our group --> Loba Nomad community https://www.facebook.com/groups/850961761962760
 IG: @lobanomad  https://www.instagram.com/lobanomad/
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