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SGLX-Pitch Battle powered by Beta-i & Founder Institute + Networking (virtual)

SGLX-Pitch Battle powered by Beta-i & Founder Institute + Networking (virtual)

This is an Official Event of the Official event of Lisbon's Entrepreneurship Week - http://www.sel.madeoflisboa.com/

Do you believe Lisbon is the Silicon Valley of Europe? We do!!! That’s why we are hosting the SGLX-Pitch Battle powered by Beta-i & Founder Institute during Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week. This will be an opportunity for top startups in our community to come together to participate in an online pitch competition meet some other important players, mentors and investors, and win amazing prizes!

To participate, startups need to submit a 1-minute quickfire pitch video that will be available on Startup Grind’s Youtube channel for members to promote. Top 5 selected startups will pitch for 3 minutes in front of a panel of judges who will be part of the event. Members of the jury might put questions to the startups for another 1.5 minutes. The top 3 startups will receive free Startup Program Membership, the Founder Institute DNA Test, AWS credits and mentoring from experts. The videos of the pitches will be promoted on social media and points can be given based on the number of likes/views on the videos. APPLY HERE!!!

The #SGPitchBattle competition will happen on September 24th, 2020 and would be conducted in 2 rounds.
Round 1: Apply using this form where you can submit your 1-minute elevator pitch video by the 15th of September. 5 startups will be selected and notified before the 20th of September.

Round 2: The final round will take place on the 24th of September in the form of a virtual event where the top 5 startups will pitch to an external panel of judges who will be part of the virtual event. There will be a three-minute live pitch with 1.5 minutes rebuttal.

You will be judged by a jury composed by Beta-i, Founder Institute and Startup Portugal Members and based on the scores given by the external judges in the virtual event, the top three startups will receive free access to the Startup Membership, and the

The criteria to apply and be selected is:

- A meaningful number of active users [1]
- Be revenue generating [2]
- Product must have launched
- There must be a full time team
- Venture-backed is a bonus, but not absolutely necessary
- Startup representative must speak English in order to compete in Global Pitch Competition
- Not in the “services” industry - i.e. accountants, or a law firm small businesses etc.

[1] Eg if it’s a B2B SaaS startup, they must have paying clients (and not simply those on free trials). If it’s a B2C startup, then user numbers at least in the high 100s/1000s would be necessary

[2] Eg if B2B SaaS, they must have paying clients. The best B2B SaaS companies we’ve had in the past have been generating monthly revenues of $10k+. Eg if B2C, the revenue doesn’t matter as much provided that they have a large number of users as above!

Judging Criteria
- Value Proposition: What are they doing? - What problem are they solving for the customer? What value are they delivering to the customer?
- Market Opportunity: Why should I care? - Opportunity is sizable enough to go after.
- Technology/ Product or Service: How are they doing it? Their solution is realistic and
- Team: Who are they? Are they capable of solving this problem?
- Pitch: Presented in a clear, concise and compelling manner. Conveyed all criteria within the time frame

Submission Process:
Please share a link to your Youtube video link (public) before the 15th of September, 10 PM GMT+2. The pitch has to be 60 seconds. Startups advancing to pitch will be notified by September 20th. 

For questions or concerns please email lisbon@startupgrind.com

The pitch must let us know that you comply with the criteria above mentioned.

1st Place will get 1 year of a free membership into the Startup Program Membership + DNA from Founders Institute + $10,000 in AWS credits + will be featured on a Fireside Chat on 2021.

2nd Place will get 6 months of a free membership into the Startup Program Membership + $5,000 in AWS credits + participation on a panel on 2021.

3rd Place will get 3 months of a free membership into the Startup Program Membership + $5,000 in AWS credits + participation on a panel on 2021.
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