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10:30 até às 12:45
SLOW Motion TOURS Calendar – APRIL of 2018

SLOW Motion TOURS Calendar – APRIL of 2018

Eco-Social Tourism
by Terramote351 Project

Slow Motion Tours – Programm
Normally on Slow Motion Tours each month we change our Tours visiting different geographical areas.


- 20th of April, at 10.30am - SMT2B - A Porto older than the Sé of Porto B (around the historical district of Sé in a different geographical area from SMT2A) *(1)

- 27th of April, at 10.30am - SMT2 - SMT Douro River
*(1) BENEFIT TOUR – All the contributions for this tour revert to a selected ONG/Project

How to participate:

Send an email with your contact informations to


mentioning the DATE and the TOUR that you want to participate and please try to do it until 24hours before the tour. Thanks.

Important information about the tour:
Difficulty: accessible
Time: around 2h30
Logistics: take comfortable clothing adaptable to the climate circumstances of the day.
Participation fee: with the amount that you feel “Fair” in the end of the circuit (please be conscient, consider 6.00 as a fair starting reference ;O)
Meeting point: At Casa da Horta, in Rua de S.Francisco, 12A

Tours not in the programm: it´s possible, if done in a significant time in advance, to book tours in another dates and, if required, in different geographical areas.

Slow Motion Tours
Slow Motion Tours developes alternative touristic tours and programms with the aim of providing a different way to get to know and get involved into the local realities. Our main focus is in allowing our participants to get to know the local reality in a deep and significant way instead of “entretaining” “passing by” tourists.
So our tours are not conventional touristic tours. Actually, perhaps, we can´t even call it “touristic tours” but something more like a local experience. They´re focused on social, ecological and cultural aspects, in spite of the fact that history is always a very relevant element.
Therefore we guide participants through the less well known side of Porto.

Eco-Social Tourism by Slow Motion Tours
Eco-Social Tourism is based in several essential aspects:
- The focus is to educate, to experience, to make aware of the local realities, instead of entretaining.
- We work mostly with smaller groups because for us it´s essential not to have a too big local impact and also to allow a better and deeper interaction between participants them selves and with the local reality
- All income of the Project is invested in the development of the project it self and in local non-profit projects/organisations.

Slow Motion Tours is developed byTerramote351 Project, an independent cultural project based on the development of alternative tourism and eco-social education.

SMT2B - A Porto older than the Sé of Porto B (around the historical district of Sé in a different geographical area from SMT2A)
Sé do Porto district can be, in several aspects, together with S.Nicolau, considered the place where Porto was actually born, and there we can find some of the oldest archeological findinds in concern to the city history.
In this case we go trough a less known, but not less interesting, area of Sé, closer to the oriental and somehow less touristic side of the city and even of the historical centre.

SMT Douro River
The Douro River can be, in many aspects, considered like the “blood” running in the veins of Porto. Along history it has always been a very essential element and presence in Porto culture, economy, ecology and sociology.
This tour is an opportunity to go trough Douro right bank, Porto, from Ribeira until around Foz with a different and deeper perspective. Going trough different aspects like history, ecology, etc.

Contacts and Informations:

Slow Motion Tours

Tel. (+351) 93 447 6236 (Pedro JP)
email. slowmotiontours.porto@gmail.com
web page. https://slowmotionporto.wordpress.com/ (for now)
facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/slowmotiontours/

Note: Slow Motion Tours is a project with a really informal nature, so it’s an activity that it is not covered by any type of insurance, the participants are responsible for them own safety and health. The contribution is destined to support the various organization costs and to support the development of the project it self, as the social partners as well.
Spread the word: we appreciate all the possible and positive (of course) share of our project trough your contacts, it´s our most precious way of “publicity”, Muito obrigado ;O)

Partnership and support:

Casa da Horta – Cultural Association
web page. http://www.casadahorta.pegada.net/
facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/casadahorta.associacaocultural/
Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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