Ciclo de Conversas Design+Multimédia 2021: Ece Canlı + Diogo Tudela

Ciclo de Conversas Design+Multimédia 2021: Ece Canlı + Diogo Tudela

Session #4 of Ciclo de Conversas Design+Multimedia 2021
2 Speakers + QA

– Ece Canlı
Ece Canlı is a design researcher, artist and musician, born and raised in Turkey and based in Portugal. She holds a Ph.D. from Design at University of Porto (Portugal) and an MFA in Experience Design at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Sweden). Her tools of investigation include texts, voice, sound and artefacts. Her academic work sits at the intersection of decolonial queer feminist epistemologies, material regimes and body politics; more specifically, socio-spatio-material constitutions of gender, sexuality, race and other identity categories. She is a founding member of the research collective Decolonising Design Group and currently researcher in CECS (The Communication and Society Research Centre) at University of Minho, where she investigates spatial, material and technological conditions of queer incarceration. In her artistic and vocal practice, she explores counterfactual narrativity, corporal and mental delinking, and extralinguistic expressions through extended vocal techniques. She currently composes and performs in music collectives including NOOITO and COBRA’CORAL, as well as in her solo project VOX FLORA, VOX FAUNA, while continuing to create and perform as a soloist. www.ececanli.com

– Diogo Tudela
Diogo Tudela (1987, Porto) is an independent researcher and programmer whose practice dwells in critical software development, simulation practices, model theory, geometry, diagrams and mechatronics. His overarching project seeks to explore conjunctions and disjunctions resulting from the convergence of, at least, two distinct modalities of simulation — namely top-down and bottom-up approaches — at the core of computational artistic practices. As a chapter on such ongoing research, his latest work has been addressing vocal synthesis and manipulation technologies as retro bioengineering tactics responsible for rendering new body diagrams.
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