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Futuress + depatriarchise design

Futuress + depatriarchise design

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Join us on the 9th of December, Wednesday to welcome Futuress and depatriarchise design!

In this lecture, we will have double power as Madeleine Morley and Nina Paim from ‘Futuress’, along with Maya Ober and Anja Neidhardt from ‘depatriarchise design’.

‘Sometimes I wonder, how real is the commitment of working with the aspect of diversity, and how much of this is pure tokenism?’ This is one quote of many overheard during a recent roundtable conversation about diversity issues at Swiss design institutions, organised by the presenters of this talk. For the upcoming lecture, Futuress and depatriarchise design will share more of these quotes which detail experiences with racism, sexism, transmisia, ableism, and more in the context of art education. Together, they’ll unpack their new research and report that examine structural discrimination at major Swiss institutions. 

To begin, they will give an overview of the calls for decolonisation and depatriarchisation of universities amidst the rise of social movements like Black Lives Matter, #metoo, and #Niunamenos. Then they will showcase the grievances students and educators that have voiced to them based on their own experiences in design schools across Switzerland. Simultaneously, they will discuss the implications of institutional and epistemic violence on design education. The lecture will ultimately present a historical and geographical overview of similar issues across Europe, mapping some grassroots initiatives that aim to shed light on and bring these topics to wider public debate—and which seek to spark a transformation of art and design education.

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