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21:30 até às 17:00
Ellen Fullman + Francisco López + Ximena Alarcon + Mikhail Karikis (ONLINE)

Ellen Fullman + Francisco López + Ximena Alarcon + Mikhail Karikis (ONLINE)

The online events will be held in english | Estes eventos serão falados em inglês 

This year Lisboa Soa 2020 has a short but amazing online programme, opening up to the world. Feel free to join in wherever you are. 
Ellen Fullman, Francisco Lopez, Ximena Alarcon and Mikhail Karikis (a collaboration between Lisboa Soa and Tate Liverpool).
Pela primeira vez o "Lisboa Soa" apresenta um programa online, com
Ellen Fullman, Francisco Lopez, Ximena Alarcon and Mikhail Karikis (em parceria com a Tate Liverpool)


Ellen Fullman “Sympathetic Resonances” | masterclass 

24 set. | 24th sep. 21h30  (PT timezone)

Ellen will demonstrate a new interface that she has designed to map and sound the harmonics and natural tunings of a string quartet. She will play her “Long String Instrument” and observe resonances that develop when frequencies are added from a midi sampler tuned in just intonation and controlled with an iPad using TouchOSC. 



Francisco López, "VirtuAural Self-Immersion" Live Stream Concert

25 set | 25th sep. | 21h30  (PT timezone)

‘VirtuAural Self-Immersion’TM is López’s take on online concerts using the potential of binaural headphone listening: instead of a second-rate broadcasted or simulated version of a ‘real’ event elsewhere, the ‘real thing’ –and one impossible to do live in a physical space– takes place in your head, shared with the artist in an equivalent real-time, tele-aural, common space. A screen-less, audio-only, live streaming experience of private or collective self-immersion in sonic matter. 



Ximena Alarcon "Deep Listening" Workshop (registration needed)

26 set | 26th sep. 11h30 (PT time zone)

Deep Listening practice developed by Pauline Oliveros, IONE and Heloise Gold, invites us to expand our awareness of sound and how it travels through time and space, in near and distant places. Through sound meditations, body energy exercises, and listening to the dream world, and incorporating the Internet as a means of expanding our presence, the participants will practice ways of listening in a shared present.



Mikhail Karikis 

27 set. | 27th sep. 15h00 (Lisboa, PT time)
screening starts at 11h30

Join us for a film screening and an ‘in conversation’ with artist Mikhail Karikis. 

Four short films will be screened on Sunday 27 September at Centro da Inovação da Mouraria from 11am. Each screening lasts 45 minutes and commences on the hour 
- tickets at

15:00-16:30 event  co-hosted with Tate Liverpool in the UK with an introduction by Tate Liverpool director Helen Legg, a interview with Raquel Castro, Patricia Barnabe and Mikhail Karikis, an interview between the artist and Prof Jonathan Harris from Birmingham City University, and a live Q&A. 

Freely accessible online: https://youtu.be/8_05rUISkMo

This event is a collaboration between Lisboa Soa and Tate Liverpool.

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