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The Hidden Boavista - English Tour

The Hidden Boavista - English Tour

Boavista is one of those discrete parts of the city, a more modern part, no doubt, and yet as rich as so many others. It holds its own history, its own stories. Despite the seemingly modern outlook, it is a very nuanced place, lying half-way between the city centre and the ocean. We will be delving into its past, but it’s no nostalgia trip, we’ll be bringing our narrative to the present and its manifold possibilities. Together we’ll be peeking around its nooks and crannies and etching the contours of the area, drawing its shape, avoiding the obvious approaches and shapes. It’s a hidden Boavista. Will you join us?

To do so just tell us you feel like participating and we'll give you the precise location as there's a limited number of places (20 in total), in order to make it comfortable for everybody and within the present time restrictions.

Price: €10 (free for children)
Language: English
Date 22-08-2020 (Saturday) between 16h30 and 19h30
Length, 3km (we'll finish very near to the starting point), the ground is flat, no steps, so quite friendly for prams and pets.

We are taking 3hours but do add some 20mn thereto, as we'll have a little break to buy water, have a coffee or use a nearby restroom :)

Meeting point: see above, but it will be near enough the metro station. See you then, and message us if you have any questions at  architectoursporto@gmail.com or find us on Facebook!

See you on Saturday!
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