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Sunday Shorts Official Selections + Q&As LIVE

Sunday Shorts Official Selections + Q&As LIVE

Sunday Shorts will be streaming June’s short film competition live from Selina, with director Q&As and audience award voting.

The monthly competition hosts a variety of styles and genres carefully selected from over 100 submissions from around the world. Vote for your favourite of 8 short films, and have your questions answered by the directors.

The Audience Award winner receives a certificate and a nomination for Best Short Film 2020 (£500 cash prize).

LIVE STREAM on all Selina Portugal pages and Sunday Shorts page. 

Films are in English language, or subtitled in English.


Thriller / Dir. Neil Dua / USA / 13m

Men Don’t Cry
Drama / Dir. Galina Maslennikova / Russia / 10m

Beach Body Ready
Animation / Dir. Céline Ufenast / UK / 2m

So, you come here often?
Micro-Short / Dir. I. Tribelsky & N. Kouleshov / Israel / 2m

The Favor
Drama / Dir. Henry Bruno / France / 14m

Gaza, One Football, One Leg
Documentary / Dir. Patrice Forget / France / 20m

Seven Minutes Past Three
Comedy / Dir. F. Hyde & D. Applewhite / UK / 7m

Experimental / Dir. Konstantina Levi / Germany / 5m

Approx. total running time (inc. Director Q&As): 120 minutes

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