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Collage IN SPACE - 3D collage workshop

Collage IN SPACE - 3D collage workshop

Collage in Space relates the two-dimensional page to the three-dimensional field, allowing compositions to stand freely and take on a new life as a sculptural object. This series of workshops explores both construction methods and ways of thinking in space, using photographic imagery as building material.

Inspired by the concept of futuristic and invented cities explored by artists such as Constant Nieuwenhuy,  Paul Noble and Luca Galofaro, Collage in Space is a chance to construct a world from your imagination. You do not need a preconceived idea, as the creative nature of collage will open up pathways for new connections and ideas to form as you work.


Thursday 30th Jan - Introduction to thinking in space. Exercises in basic 3D collage using magazine imagery as your starting point

Thursday 6th Feb - Focusing on architecture and buildings, you will create a 3D structure using k-line, photography, pins and glue. Artists work will be provided as a contextual reference and inspiration.

Thursday 13th Feb - Looking at organic matter to create a construction that utilises the subject matter of plants and nature as the basis for the structure. Artists work will be provided as a contextual reference and inspiration.

Thursday 20th Feb - Bringing it all together! Combining methods of geometric construction with organic fragility to produce a three dimensional collage sculpture.

Artist Nina Fraser will guide you through the process using photographic imagery - from magazines or your own photos if you choose. We will be using a range of card and foam board, glue and pins, wire and sticks, and there is storage space available if you choose to participate in more than one workshop.

This collage workshop series is designed for all levels of experience, and is open to people of all creative and professional backgrounds. It is not mandatory to participate in all the workshops but it is recommended to commit to at least two, as you will gain more techniques and be able to develop your ideas further.

The workshop is limited to 6 people, and reservations can be made by making payment through the booking link. The workshop is not suited to children under 10 years. For children 10- 14 years please be accompanied by an adult.

€30 per person, per workshop, €100 for the series of 4
Please book online through the link below or email hello@ninafraser.co.uk for inscription info.

Includes all materials and light refreshments
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