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14:30 até às 17:30
Introduction to Fermented Food & Gut Health

Introduction to Fermented Food & Gut Health

Come and join us for a lovely afternoon on the art of fermented foods and gut health! This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn by making your own fermented food to take home with you, plus you will get to enjoy many fermented foods and beverages.


About the workshop:

We will start with a bit about the history and basic science of fermentation, plus you will learn how fermented foods benefit the gut, and why a healthy gut is key to good health.

You will learn how to make some basic ferments- Classic Sauerkraut, Basic Kimchi & Lacto-fermented Curry Cauliflower.
You will take home with you 1 x jar Classic Sauerkraut, 1 x jar Basic Kimchi, 1 x jar Lacto-fermented Curry Cauliflower. All ingredients, fermenting Kilner jars, and other materials needed will be provided.

During the workshop, you will enjoy a taste of various finished live Lacto fermented vegetables, kombucha & kefir.

After the workshop you will be emailed an eBooklet of recipes and other useful info to help you create your own ferments at home.

Plus you will be invited to a private FB group where you can share your fermenting ideas and pictures and get support.

Duration 3 hours

***The cost of the course includes ingredients & materials required to make the fermented foods, including the Kilner jars to ferment your food in. You will also be emailed a printable eBooklet with the key information from the workshop, recipes, and trouble shooting guide PLUS more recipes for you to experiment with at home. ****

Refund Policy: refunds given up to 7 days in advance, after which it is non-refundable.

This workshop is in English.
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