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14:00 até às 23:00
In Spirit Gathering

In Spirit Gathering

15€ - 30€
IN SPIRIT & Aterra present a Heart Opening Dance Immersion with live and electronic Music and Cacao  

Experience a unique musical journey that holds the intention to re-connect us with nature and helps us to open our heart and find the joy in connecting with others and to create a space of peace inside and outside.

Including a sacred cacao ceremony activation*
(10th September 3pm - 4pm)

  *Raw organic Cacao is not only a healthy superfood („Food of the Gods“) but also considered a sacred medicine plant used in ceremonies among the indigenous People of South- and Mesoamerica for more than thousands of years.  It is famous for its qualities to open the heart and uplift the consciousness while also energizing and detoxifying the body.  Ceremonial cacao can support on an emotional level to let go of anger,stress and frustration and enhance the overall well-being. The energizing, mood-enhancing and heart-opening qualities make „mama cacao“ a perfect ally for conscious dance events.

Organic Electronic Downtempo Music:

The students and teachers of the IN SPIRIT Holistic Music Production Retreat are going to perform their own deep and soulful music productions live. Expect an international Line-Up of amazing producers with a variety of genres and styles with influences from music all over the world with the common thread of heart opening and connecting  vibrations that reflect the magic of life and the beauty of nature.

Exchange :
-20 euros/day
-30 euros for the two days
-Possibility to stay on site :15 euros/night with breakfast-
Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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