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João Carlos Workshop: Beauty is in the Light

João Carlos Workshop: Beauty is in the Light

2 day workshop

Take part in a fashion and portraiture photo shoot experience, from lighting set up, to model directing, both in the studio and on location. 

Day one: In the studio

Includes lighting demonstrations and photo shoot using models, exploring key-topics such as creative lighting, model direction, focused on close beauty portraiture.

The shoot will include a variety of sets and different lighting set ups to demonstrate portraiture styles focused on beauty.

As the group size is small each attendee will have their own time with the model to take their own photos, or they can choose to follow the instructors guidance.

Day two: On location

Working with outdoor scenarios with one or more models, exploring lighting set ups including a variety of strobes and natural light for Fashion Photography.

This workshop will give you renewed inspiration & creativity, confident communication skills to direct your models, and springboard your photography journey into a professional arena.

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