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Sara Lando: Mixed Media

Sara Lando: Mixed Media

2-day workshop
Hosted in Claus Porto, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Center of Porto

Photography doesn’t need to stop once you’ve pressed the shutter and you don’t need Photoshop to create an interesting whimsical image.

Using recycled materials, altered books, paint, glue, thread as well as photos and photo cut outs will enable you to explore your creativity using the box you’ll be thinking outside of.

This 2-day workshop will focus on showing you how to push your creativity to explore different materials and possibilities.

You will learn how to play with your images in ways that don’t involve the use of software, but you’ll also learn how to plan in advance and shoot your images in a way that will make sense once they are composed.

You will be also shown how to put the finishing touches on your image in Photoshop, to make sure every little detail is taken care of: analog and digital techniques will be blended together, showing you how the choice of what you use to bring your ideas to life is only up to you.

Who Should Attend:

You should be a very confident user of priority shooting modes and may even been using full manual exposure control. 

You want to expand your technical understanding, try new areas of photography and be challenged creatively.

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