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18:00 até às 18:00
Contact Improvisation & Permaculture | Portugal

Contact Improvisation & Permaculture | Portugal

hosted by Oficinas de Corpo Inteiro
(dancing for all our relations)

..at Castelhanas, Marvão
1 to 10 June, 2018

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

»» parents bring your kids!
There will be activities for them! ««

9 days dancing and connecting with nature, embraced by an impermanent community environment. 

~ permaculture activities with: 
António Surrecio and Daniel Keersmaekers 

~ body work, contact improvisation and dance workshops with:
Eric Gonçalves, Howard Sonenklar, Pedro Paz, Pramod Miguel Bento, Rita Vilhena and other guests!

~ voice improvisation experience with Mariana Root

~ clown work with Maria Simões (descalças cooperativa cultural)

~ kids workshops with Juanillo Aballon e Cátia Vieira (Cia. Bipolar)

((program updates will be happening!))

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
This Permaculture Contact Camp is dedicated to whoever is researching and discovering contact, dance, music, art, ecology, improvisation and meditation as tools of self-discovery and community togetherness.

Proposals are still welcome!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

~ about our host, Daniel Keersmaekers ~

"I prefer to listen to Nature, learning to read her book. Every little corner is unique and can be a Garden of Eden with our help and standing by. Working with the power of the seeds, elements, wild plants and trees, trying to interfere the less we can, because Nature knows best."

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
d a i l y . f r a m e
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~



Bring your tent!
A camp base is settled for us to cook together and an open air dance floor is being placed close by the river! 
Simply beautiful!!

The river Sever is the border between Portugal and Spain!
So actually we will be dancing and creating in both lands at once,
realizing how physical boundaries are fading away... 

We invite us to a vegan and conscious diet. 
The organization provides the basic meals, prepared by all of us in organic shifts!

We eat as much bio as possible, we sprout seeds, we care. 
We are all invited to bring as contribution for food supplies:

... dried fruits, honey, cereal drinks, seitan, tofu, delicious pates and other supper good homemade goodies, seeds, berries, vegies from the garden, good cookies and snacks, gojis, yeast of beer, spirulina, chocolate… we are moderated with alcohol drinking. 


Arrive at least the night before you decide to begin.
You can come some days before or stay a few days after. 
Let us know!
. Bring comfortable clothes for moving freely and a glass bottle for your regular drinking ;)

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
r e g i s t r a t i o n 
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

All meals and accommodation are included!

50 per day weekends
35 per day weeks
270 all days
210 half participation
150 week lab (5 days)

minimum supportive contribution
35 per day weekends
25 per day weeks
180 all days
140 half participation
100 week lab (5 days)

You can choose witch days to attend. 
No detailed program reviled! 
Each day includes the night before. 
Check on time, limited participations!


Transfer half of your contribution, for you to be registered and as well to support production and logistics. The other part you can give at the beginning of your participation in this Contact Camp.

Ask through our email for IBAN and bank account details for transfer - oficinascorpointeiro@gmail.com

Identify the transfer by the email below with the following details:
. name 
. amount transferred
. days of participation

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
c o n t a c t . u s
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

+351 925 872 344 Pedro Paz (for program infos) 
+ 351 966 605 163 Paula Josefa (for contribution infos)
+ 351 932 925 790 Daniel Keersmaekers (for local infos)

~ this event has the support of 
Câmara Municipal de Marvão
Descalças Cooperativa Cultural
Casa Fluxos

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
a b o u t . f a c i l i t a t o r s . w o r k
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Cátia Vieira ~
In this moment of my life, I dedicate mostly to music, clown, puppets and my garden. To make audible the melody of the universe, the freshness of an eternal child, to materialize other bodies and creatures living within myself and learning about patient from plants. That’s about my present process.

My first proposal for this Contac Camp relates to building puppets and masks with children (between 6 and 12). Giving birth to new creatures, discovering how they move, how they talk, how they live… There’s also the possibility to do the same approach with adults. “To give body” to new creatures coming out…

~ Eric Gonçalves ~ 
...I was invited to the world of massage and bodywork long ago and quickly realized that I had found my passion. Since then I was engaged in an incessant search for understanding the mysteries of the human body. My thirst for knowledge led me to the world searching for answers. I spent long periods of time in the United States, Thailand, India and Nepal, where I had the privilege of drinking directly from the source of wisdom of great masters, being forever inspired by their presence.

In this Contact Camp at Marvão I will be presenting Contact Massage. In this workshop, participants are invited to challenge their boundaries on how to touch and to be touched. The whole body is used as a massage tool, exploring sustainable and creative ways of giving a good bodywork session to our partner and to ourselves at the same time.

Who is massaging and who is being massaged ? 

~ Maria Simões~
I am a clown for passion and profession. I have worked since 1994 as a theater professional, and this charmingly instilled all the other arts into my being. I sing freely, I cultivate the earth and the sea, I take care of hearts, I love to plant trees.
Two years ago, I came to Castelo de Vide, land of my grandmother, whitewashed the old house in the medieval village, started to take care of a farm and adopted a donkey almost as old as me.
As a clown and a multi-artist, I have been looking for, in recent years, the expression of a language without words, maintaining social and community intervention as a constant focus of my work.
I believe that art can change the world in what the world has to change.
Recently I discovered in the creative movement the mood of my clown state and I wish I could continue to investigate that.
In the workshop, we will seek to find universal personal humor in each person's movement. We will work without masks the expression of our emotions, vulnerability, fragility and acceptance of failure, as well as find a way to express the truth of each moment and person in their own clown state. It will be a deep encounter with this being that lives within each person and so often hides itself.

~ Rita Vilhena ~ 
a practice to reflect the "body culture". Exploration of the movement in resistance, and the corresive-transformative potential with / in nature.

Rita Vilhena is a dancer and choreographer with interest in rituals as a power event in positive encounters and, as a catalyst for personal change, a performance of the self.

~ Rosa Crystal ~
I will offer you an empowerment work on The Wholeness of Being: on how te be a creature creator & Theta brainwaves. From Pain to Truth, from Separation to unconditional Living.

I'm a travelling energy worker who facilitates Theta Healing Thérapie. I'm devoted to share golden experience and knowledge that I have encountered and that i'm continuously gaining on my life`s journey, reaching for connecting to my highest self and so, effortless, flow through and with divine guidance. 

I'm inspired by the paths of fellow human beings, aromathérapie, the feminine nourishing energy, crystals, the power of spiritual practice such as meditation, bodywork & bodymovement, shamanic practices and sound healing. I also offer the creation of personal parfumes in alignment with the supportive healing power of aromathérapie, and intuitive and pressure point massage connected to thw Theta work and shamanic de-armoring. 

I will be offering 1:1 sessions, during the retreat. 

Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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