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Voice Liberation and Voice Healing Retreat

Voice Liberation and Voice Healing Retreat

Your voice 
Your voice is a very powerful healing instrument. And the beautiful thing is: it’s always at your service. Voice Liberation and Voice Healing offer you a way to heal yourself step by step through sounding and singing. By doing so, your voice  shows you the way to your soul. By listening to your body and surrendering to the sounds coming from your voice, it is possible to express yourself without limits. By doing so, you are able to accept and transform blocks and old beliefs you carry about yourself. 

Voice Liberation and Voice Healing 
Voice Liberation is singing and sounding what is in you, in the present moment. Through your breathing and your unique sounds, you express what you experience, here and now. Often this kind of singing and sounding brings you into contact with tension, discomfort or emotions that block you unconsciously. This way, the light can shine on your shadows so you can liberate yourself. 
We can use our voice not only to express, liberate and heal ourselves, but also to direct our healing voice to others. During the training, you will experience how much we can offer each other through sounding and singing, while tuning into other person’s issues.  

What to expect? 
Through daily subjects, and your personal intention, Jacky will guide you in discovering your unique voice. The subjects are acceptance, longing, hope & faith, letting go & surrendering and love.
During this profound process, you will probably contact hidden emotions and unconscious beliefs. By accepting and expressing matters that you usually rather avoid, will lead you to experience more space, playfulness, joy and love: liberation. 
The daily morning workshops will include guided meditation, silence, sharing with the talkingstick, bodywork, breathing excercises, (mantra)singing, singing and sounding in the circle, in couples and individually, sounding your name, lament singing, systemic work, rituals and giving and receiving sound baths and voice healings. There is plenty of space for individual attention in a safe setting and loving atmosphere. 
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