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International Workshop Accounting and Taxation

International Workshop Accounting and Taxation

The Center for Research in Business Sciences and Tourism (CICET - FCVC) and ISAG - European Business School (ISAG-EBS) will host on July 16, 2021, the first edition of the International Workshop Accounting and Taxation. This scientific meeting aims to provide a debate on the current and relevant themes in the accounting and taxation.

The IWAT will make it possible to participate in person and online in the Workshop. Participants are invited to submit articles in two ways: full paper and abstract (extended abstract). All articles and abstracts will be subject to a peer review process. Papers accepted and presented at the workshop will be published as an e-book on a USB stick, which will be made available to participants at the beginning of the event, and after the Workshop, the e-book will be sent to be indexed at Google Schoolar, Proquest, EBSCO, SCOPUS and WoS.

The articles / abstracts / extended abstracts presented at IWAT2021, will have the opportunity to be selected for publication in a special edition of the European Journal of Applied Business and Management. If invited to publish in this scientific journal, the authors are expected to change the work by at least 50%, including a change of title and abstract. All journal rules and procedures must be complied with and there is no guarantee of publication. 

The Scientific Areas considered at the Workshop are the following ones:
•	Accountability and Social Responsibility
•	Accounting information systems
•	Public Sector Accounting Theory and Practice
•	Recent developments in financial accounting theory and reporting practices
•	Contemporary issues in cost accounting
•	Practical Application of Management Accounting
•	Corporate governance and corporate survival mechanisms
•	Tax studies
•	Human rights and taxes
•	Taxation and development
•	Case studies of country-specific tax programs and by theme
•	Tax fraud and tax compliance
•	Green taxation
•	Taxation for growth
•	Cultural / institutional sustainability of taxation
•	Extrataxation
•	Recent developments in direct tax administration
•	Indirect Taxes for Regulation and Control of Economic Activities

Other areas might be considered and integrated on the Workshop Program. We accept both empirical and theoretical works in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The sessions will be organized according to the researchers' linguistic preferences.

Date for submission of abstracts and papers: June 11, 2021
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: until June 18, 2021
Deadline for registration at reduced price: June 25, 2021
Deadline for registration at normal price: July 2, 2021
International Workshop: July 16, 2021

For registration on the workshop, online submission and other details, please visit the link below:

Members of the Organizing Committee
Ana Pinto Borges
Bruno Miguel Vieira
Elvira Vieira
Susana Aldeia
Vitor Ribeiro
Ana Martins - Technical Support (geral@cicet.fundacaocvc.pt).
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