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Marketing Wave | Two-day Summit on Marketing and Strategy

Marketing Wave | Two-day Summit on Marketing and Strategy

Organized by NOMA Marketing Consulting, the Junior Initiative of Nova School of Business and Economics, this annual two-day Summit on Marketing and Strategy will take place on April 20-21, fully online, streaming from Nova SBE to the world.

Starting from the motto "Marketing is vision. Marketing is speed. Marketing is adaptation and adaption is key: How to Adapt to the World's New Demands", this year, Marketing Wave's focus will be on the importance of adaptation in fields like Sustainability, Tourism and Digital.
Many will be the talks and workshops given by highly qualified professionals, such as Marketing Directors, of both national and international companies.

This will be a free and online event, exclusively in English, so if you are a student, professional or an enthusiast about these topics, follow us on social media (instagram: @noma.marketing.consulting) and be up to date with all the information revealed, regarding the speakers, the agenda and tickets!

Will you #catchmarketingwave?

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