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FACTT 20/21 - Improbable Times

FACTT 20/21 - Improbable Times

The Arte Institute and RHI Initiative, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura, have the pleasure to present FACTT 20/21.

As FACTT 20/21 is a hybrid ongoing yearlong event we decided that opportunities needed to be created digitally to bring the artists together and reflect on what each work brings to the whole exhibition/FACTT event. 
Throughout the year we are celebrating this exhibition by inviting the participating artists to talk about their artworks in an informal conversation. 
The first of these celebrations will take place on the 6th of April, at 20.00 Central European Time. 

April 6th, 2021 | 8:00 PM (CET) 

- Welcome by Marta de Menezes 
- Reflections on FACTT20/21 concepts by María Antonia González Valerio
- Artists by order of appearance: Bill Psarras with"Objects In Odysseys”; Dalila Honorato, Isabel Burr Raty, Karolina Żyniewicz, Robertina Šebjanič, Louise Mackenzie and Pavel Tavares with “Staying in Touch”; Paulo Bernardino with "Alternative Space"; Maria Manuela Lopes with "Adaptive Membrane"; Adam Zaretsky with "biTransversal Symmetry"; Amy Youngs with "Grasping Permeability”; Tarah Roda with "Tear apart Here"; Lena Ortega and Vania Fortuna with "Niebla (Fog)"; Joel Ong and Elaine Whittaker with “Proximal Spaces”; Minerva Hernández Trejo with  “Transition – installation and digital graphic”.
- Closing with Q&A

FACTT 20/21: Trans-disciplinary & Trans-national Festival of Art & Science is exhibited online during 2021 with different events to be announced taking place throughout the year across continents. FACTT is a project spearheaded and promoted by the Arte Institute in conception partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia (Portugal), and, for its 20-21version, in curatorial collaboration with InArts Lab@ Ionian University - Department of Audio and Visual Arts (Greece), Artscisalon@The Fields Institute and Sensorium@York University (Canada), School of Visual Arts (USA), UNAM, Arte+Ciencia and Bioscénica (Mexico), and Central Academy of Fine Arts (China).
Os eventos publicados estão sujeitos a adiamento ou cancelamento devido ao surto de Coronavírus. Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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