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21st of June - 4th of July, 2021 we are going to start building the structure of an approx. 100m2 stone, clay and wood-house. The starting-point and thereby the focus of the workshop will be a 7,5m round reciprocal structure in round Eucalyptus, using local resource material.

We have been so lucky to find Alan Ueland (see: FB: Woodhalla), an experienced specialist in reciprocal structures and round wood timber framing, who have facilitated two previous workshops of this kind and he and his lovely assistant, Dominic, will facilitate this workshop too.

You will use and learn: ancient marking technic (center lines and marking benches, profiled T-squares, log scriber), cut mortise and tenon, half wedged dovetail, and scribed joinery, lay out compound joinery on round wood, sharpening and maintaining hand tools. basics on foundation and logging.
The workshop will be held during two weeks, 6+6 days (8 hours per day) and the Sunday is free. Theory will be provided, but the workshop is based on “learning by doing”, so be prepared for hard-learning

Typical daily schedule
7am - 8am breakfast
8am -12am: morning building session
12am – 2pm lunch
2pm – 6pm: afternoon building session
6pm – 7:30pm shower/swim/relaxation
7:30pm dinner

You will camp next to a clean river that invites for fresh moments; enjoy a basic-shower with fantastic local environmentally friendly produced soap and shampoo; optional morning-yoga and nights with educational or entertaining documentaries and of course the good company of the other participants, the hosts and the many good inhabitants and animals of the village.

Don´t let this chance go by and come and join us and broaden your skills while enjoying the adventurous, beautiful and inspiring surroundings - and of course our loving and well-prepared vegetarian meals.

Only 600 euros.

Hosts and place: Casa da Helga e Durval, Eco-village Quinta da Enterranha, Satão; 40km from Viseu, Portugal
For more info: helganova@gmail.com

Alan Uelands story
Building and farming have been an integral part of my whole life. Growing up in the 80`s in the woods and mountains of Norway, I was watching my dad doing everything. I learned quickly to do the things for myself. My first building site was in the summer of 1987 where my father took me on for a complete renovation of an old wooden house. I was almost 12 years old.
By year 2000 I arrived in Portugal, got a land, and started first thing to help friends building stone walls and wooden houses. In 2003 my second son was born and I build our house, my first building on my own, of my own design. I build a tree house with a ground floor of 80m2. This was a turning point in my life, and from there onwards I got many opportunities to learn. I made my first joinery’s in that house, full mortise and tenon, lap joints and dovetails. Being short on money, I used wonky round wood cut on the land. I had no machines. I had a try square, hammer, chisel, saw and a bit and brace.
My passion for round wood and joinery gave me more artistic opportunities, and in 2006 I got a job as carpenter for the sacred fire area, Boom Festival. I made sculptures, furniture, sound cabin, stages, shade structures and restaurants. All made from recycled materials. And in 2008 boom, my first reciprocal structure.
Reciprocals became somewhat of a brainchild of mine, and over the years I have done 7 reciprocal structures, 2 of them as workshops. I started to study and getting involved with more elaborate structural engineering. I got on the track of reviving old style of tools and round wood techniques and full-scale timber frames.
The last 8 years I am working almost exclusively on round wood timber frames, and over the past 33 years I have been involved in more than 50 building sites, half of them with my partner in life and work, Dominic.
I started giving workshops in 2015, the first one was traditional logging with an axe. I did live carving, reciprocal principles workshop, how to make a Viking chair, traditional woodworking tool and techniques workshop and 2 reciprocal round wood timber framing workshops.
Another passion of mine, is trees, plants and biotopes. Which has taken a lot of my time and energy. Especially after the devastating wildfires of 2010/2015/2016/2017, that left my area of Portugal a desert or taken over by Eucalyptus. I have been propagating and planting 1000`s of trees, seeding millions of seeds, making part of mobilizing over 100 people to do this all.
We have a farm of 6 hectare in the mountains, with mostly Oak/Chestnut woods and orchard and gardens. For 20 years I have been planting the land full of trees, and harvesting our own lumber for building and other projects.
We the people must take our personal power back, and learn to work with the natural world and age-old techniques. Be it building, gardening, parenting or loving, we must learn to harmonize with our surroundings. I wish to share what I have learned with my fellow humans to show that we can make our way in this world and shine a light on our collective future lives!

Quinta da Enterranha
Quinta da Enterranha is a village in constant transformation and development. The project started about ten years ago when a bunch of friends joined and found this beautiful valley with the intend of together creating a village aiming for self-sustainability respecting its natural surroundings and raising their children with love and respect for nature. Responding to their needs many houses have been build, gardens made and with the growing numbers of children (to begin 2, now 20 and one more to come) a home-school project created and thus school-buildings have been raised.
You will be staying in the area of Helga and Durval.
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