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14:30 até às 16:30
Nebulae | State of the Art > The European Doc-marketplace - Connecting the Dots

Nebulae | State of the Art > The European Doc-marketplace - Connecting the Dots

In partnership with Creative Europe Media Desks, each edition of State of the Art aims at launching a debate on an industry topic, which will be analysed together with experts. In 2020, in collaboration with the Creative Europe Desks from Portugal, Austria, Italy (Turin) and Spain (Basque Country), the topic will be the distribution of films in different contexts and European countries. An afternoon with speakers, discussions and group work, intending to contribute to a wider discussion about the European film market.

The European Documentary Marketplace – Connecting the Dots
A conference and a debate on circulation and distribution, bringing together some of the most relevant international representatives from different circuits who will talk about their experience, perspective and case studies, and contribute to the debate and sharing of best practices on the different approaches and models of circulation of cinematographic works. Aiming at distribution / release of European documentaries, this initiative focusses on the role of international festivals, distributors, exhibitors and digital platforms.

In collaboration with
• Creative Europe Media Desk Austria, Esther Krausz
• Creative Europe Media Desk Euskadi (Spain), Ainhoa González Sanchiz
• Creative Europe Media Desk Italy (Torino office), Silvia Sandrone
• Creative Europe Media Desk Portugal, Susana Costa Pereira

OCT 27 (tue) / from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm (UTC+0), Zoom Meetings

The event will be recorded and live streamed on Doclisboa’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

The session will be held in English, with no translation
Free admission, upon application (cutt.ly/ogvvhfi)

+ info https://doclisboa.org/2020/nebulae/estado-da-arte/
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