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240€ - 300€
If SOMA is the ‘body’, Play is the state, space and time for research
and creation.

Early Bird Discount price: 10% off the full price, until Sept 15th, 2020.

SOMA LAB emerges from the desire and needs to generate spaces and
collective encounters where we can create modes of learning and
knowing inspired by the practices and dialogue, present and past,
between contemporary dance, contact improvisation, techniques of
improvisation and instantaneous composition, and the sources of
‘movement research’. The LAB space is proposed at a time when dance
permeates and is affected by other contemporary movement-body based
disciplines, pedagogical, expressive, and performative.

In this edition of SOMA & Play, we traverse diverse movement languages and
temporalities, with the intention and purpose that this project
continues to respect and be in tune with nature and the vital rhythms
that originate in these spaces of creativity, and within the
individual and collective encounters.
As co-creators of Soma & Play, Dasha and Félix have trusted their
intuition to expand SOMA&Play to a wider group of movers and natural
landscapes. We want to create an intimate, as well as collective,
space of encounters that moves, reflects, dialogues, and exchanges
diverse forms of learning, processing, and practicing somatic
experience, dance research, and other modes of complementary knowledge
from the arts and sciences.
We will be accompanying the updates on the necessary health and travel
precautions and restrictions. We are keeping the number of
participants to smaller for this year - both
considering precautions, and to be able to focus and deepen the work
with a smaller group of movers, students, and movement-based artists.

All group activities will be happening in an outside studio space. We
will also be taking advantage of different spectacular landscapes, as
site-specific locations for activities, that we are exploring and
scouting out.
Don't miss out and register asap!
This year we are starting off from a varied and accessible price range
according to the accommodation possibilities, ranging from camping or
caravan to shared rooms.
Prices: € 240 - € 300 (food and accommodation included)
* Early Bird Discount price: 10% off the full price, until Sept 7th, 2020.
You can now register through our website:


HELENA MARTOS (ESP) / Guest Facilitator
DASHA LAVRENNIKOV / Facilitator y Organizer
FÉLIX ARJONA / Facilitator and Organizer
BÁRBARA RAMOS/ Facilitator and Host

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