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22:00 até às 03:00
PlayDate #9

PlayDate #9

Hello friends

If you're wondering what to do with an extra day in the Year, come dance, drink and hang with us.

We've got super special guest on the bill:

Opening duties will be on CCSD – expect nothing that you're expecting for Pq João will bring his modular setup and jam live on it for our aural delight. 

And then, closing up this date will be wonder duo Invisible City. Committed to music like few, Richard and Liza will bring some wicked records to make us shake our sexy bumbums**

Sandwiched between these darkside stars are PlayDate residents who combine forces to become even more H.A.F.

Come early. We'd all like to party like it's berlin, but it's not... 

**PlayDate is a safe space, so you're obviously not obliged to sake your sexy bumbum... shoe-gazers, arm-wavers, 4-step-dancers --- everyone is welcome. 

Finally, show some love for Renato's fantastic art skills. Follow @renvmistv on Instagram


Cartaz por @renvmistv IG
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