Os eventos publicados estão sujeitos a adiamento ou cancelamento devido ao surto de Coronavírus. Recomendamos que confirmem junto dos promotores se estes vão ocorrer.
23:55 até às 12:00
mina - 3rd anniversary [cancelled]

mina - 3rd anniversary [cancelled]


As a preventive measure to help contain the spread of COVID-19, we are canceling our next event which would celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

We were excited about this event and the love could be felt from the very moment we launched the event. Yet, it is our responsibility to make sure we take all the possible prophylactic measures to combat the rapid spread of the virus and that includes avoiding at all costs big gatherings of people - especially people who love to sweat, share all sorts of fluids and lose themselves in each others.
Desperate times require serious measures.

It is also important that we remain calm.
Please remember harm reduction - inside and outside the party:
- follow all prevention guidelines like washing your hands frequently, avoiding unnecessary social contact, looking out for symptoms
- look after each other and check in on your friends and members of your community, particularly the most vulnerable ones;
- check in on those who rely on the gig economy, independent workers such as artists and cultural workers, who have no access to paid leave nor social protection while facing this shutdown - see how they are feeling, offer financial aid if you can, strategize together.
- Let’s also think of systemic change. Seek to take action: take the chance to unionize and pressure the government, share your goods and if nothing works, organize a rent strike. Sign the petitions down in the comments.

We would like to thank our guests High Future, Malka and Fuinki for accepting our invitations but also for being understanding the situation. We hope to have you very soon.

With a few responsible measures, we can all help this situation take less of a toll. 
Stay strong and look out for each other!
Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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