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12:00 até às 23:30
Bons Sons 2020

Bons Sons 2020

 Bons Sons 2020 
 Cem Soldos, Portugal
 Book tickets: https://bit.ly/2NLpgKi

BONS SONS is an annual music festival held throughout the picturesque village of Cem Soldos in central Portugal each summer. Unlike most festivals, BONS SONS is not held on one site or in one venue but rather in the streets, squares, houses, churches and public spaces of the village it calls home.

The result of the immersion into the surroundings is a pervasive sense of community, inclusivity and respect, as music fans young and old come together to celebrate the music, culture and traditions of the region.

And the focus throughout the festival is, where music is concerned, championing and supporting a diverse array of Portuguese talent – shining a light on the new stars and paying respect to established figures from a range of genres spanning jazz, folk, fado and more.
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