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Meaningful Talks | Changing to Remote Work - Free Edition

Meaningful Talks | Changing to Remote Work - Free Edition


~ Curious about remote work? Thinking about becoming a Digital Nomad? ~

We know that it's not an easy decision to make! So many "pros and cons" and we are never 100% sure if we will be able to succeed in it.

This kind of change brings a lot of challenges, not only professionally but also personally! You might loose your motivation... and it becomes harder to keep the focus on your goals if you don't have your team around you. Is it true? Or is it just a myth?

We believe that by listening and talking with people who have been or are still going through a similiar experience, you find inspiration and creative solutions to achieve whatever you want!

Join us and let’s have “Meaningful Talks”!

 Get inspired by other people’s journey
 Create meaningful connections
 Meet, chat and share whatever you feel like
 Have fun while participating in group dynamics!

 Spots are limited! Please sign-up by sending an email to hello@coachmi.pt or book your ticket directly here https://meaningfultalks2.eventbrite.com

Coachmi is dedicated to empowering young professionals through coaching. We aim to develop a community of young people who can meet their challenges creatively, responsibly and autonomously, using their own tools and resources to achieve any of their goals. Our job as Coaches is to facilitate this process of personal growth. We aim to foster a community of young people who are creatively facing challenges together and who find inspiration in their peers.
Coachmi offers on-site and remote professional coaching sessions for individuals, groups or teams.

Founded by Inês Cunha and Madalena Fragoso, both Coaches who concluded an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Training. We follow ICF standards and Code of Ethics.
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