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Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Yoga Time Yay is where children can speak and be heard; play and be seen; move and be moved - in mindful and inspiring ways. Where children are encouraged to be happy, calm and confident in who they are. A fun, creative and safe environment for children and teens to engage in group activities with their peers as well as family based sessions. Yoga for children is a wonderful asset to their growth and development. A holistic learning time, which cultivates patience, compassion and respect for the self, one another and all living beings.

We’ll explore the body’s natural movements through yoga, so that we can increase our strength and flexibility. We’ll discover how to relax our mind and look after our emotions. We’ll unearth our innate creativity through crafts and stories. We’ll learn how to improve our concentration, how to respect and embrace our differences and bond over our similarities. There will be high-energy times and quiet times; musical times and inventive times; laughing times, sharing times and concentrating times. All of that and more will be our yoga time, together. Yay!

Whether you are unicorns, superheroes, climbers, swimmers, readers or dreamers…you are ALL welcome to join!

Wednesdays 17:15 - 18:00 Ages 7-10
Saturdays 11:15 - 12:00 Ages 4-6

10EUR p/c

To reserve your place:
e-mail: play@yogatimeyay.com
whatsapp: +44 756 566 0452
tel.: +351 920 340 508
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