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Ciclo Here From Outside: The Brown Bunny, 2003

Ciclo Here From Outside: The Brown Bunny, 2003

Este mês no Cineclube70, ciclo HERE FROM OUTSIDE:
"Before all the days are gone
And darker walls are bent and torn
To pass the time of those who mourn
I want to be alone
Rivers that run anywhere
Are in my hand and just up the stair
Past the eyes of those who care
Who can never be alone
Changes that were not meant to be
Tow the hours of my memory
Sing a song of love to me
To say you must never
Never be alone
The tears of a silent rain
Seek shelter on my broken pain
And run away
But I remain
To speak the words
That sing of alone
I want to be alone
I need to touch each stone
Face the grave that I have grown
I want to be alone" (Jackson C. Frank)


THE BROWN BUNNY, Vincent Gallo, 2003
The Brown Bunny is written, directed, produced, photographed and edited by Vincent Gallo. Starring Gallo and Chloë Sevigny, it tells the story of a motorcycle racer on a cross-country drive who is haunted by memories of his former lover.


Screening 21:30
Subtitles in English
Candlelit V Dinner from 20:00 
Suggested donation on entry: 1€
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