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19:00 até às 17:30
SPEAK Village 2020

SPEAK Village 2020

Welcome to the SPEAK Village 2020: the place to celebrate life and diversity!
[attend the event here to confirm your presence: https://www.speak.social/en/portal/event/2985/]

From 29 to 31 of May 2020 we’re meeting in Santa Cruz (Portugal) for a weekend of sharing, discovering, celebrating and much more!

Check here for more information:  http://tiny.cc/ibcgcz
Buy your ticket here: https://bit.ly/2J1r6UZ

What can you expect?
- Connect with a multicultural group of people | celebrate and have loads of fun
- Get in touch with local culture | food, traditions, arts and much more
- Explore nature | fresh air and mountain views
- Relax and enjoy | Take a break from your routine

> Program and activities will be available soon!
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