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House Station #4

House Station #4

House Station is the new stop for the lovers of House Music, a kind of sound born in the 80s in Chicago and that quickly spread all over the world thanks to its positive message. 

House Station is a "church for people who have fallen from grace". We get together, we smile, dance, sing, and celebrate a night of pure fun and love. Once you enter my house it then becomes OUR house and OUR house music!

House station is a safe space: on the dancefloor there are no differences, but respect for diversity. Everybody is welcome to join if they're willing to leave home any sort of prejudice based on other people's preferences, origin or gender.

The 4th episode will happen on the 21st of December: get down and jack your body!


- Apple B - https://soundcloud.com/djappleb

Notorious serial offender Apple B plays with blatant disregard for the rules. Dealing in breaks, electro, UK garage, acid and other prohibited sounds, his audacity knows no limit. Despite the sizeable reward for his capture, he continues to evade authorities...

- Black Pomade - https://www.mixcloud.com/blackpomade

Originally from Milan, now based in Lisbon, he explores in-depth the roots and the different shades of dance music: the machines, the cornerstone records, the signature sounds, and the most influential artists. His sets are a seamless mix of Disco, Funk, and House beats, filling the dance-floor with high energy and smiling faces, and if his hair gets messed up, it means it's a good party!

ODD Trindade
R. Nova da Trindade 9D, 1200-309 Lisboa, Portugal

DOOR FEE: 4,00€ - consumable at the bar
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