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The Last Systematic Philosopher - A retrospective on Jürgen Habermas

The Last Systematic Philosopher - A retrospective on Jürgen Habermas

A retrospective on Jürgen Habermas
An international workshop | Colégio Almada Negreiros, Sala 209

Habermas turned 90 this year. This international workshop aims to assess the scope and the international impact of life-long teaching and thinking in different domains of philosophy, as well as the reception of his work in different countries, with a special focus on his political theory.

|21 NOV, Thursday|

9h30   Welcome and Practical Information

9h45   Alessandro Ferrara (Università La Sapienza, Rome): Post-metaphysical reason, solidarity and the reasonable: on Habermas’s Auch eine Geschichte der Philosophie

10h45 Isabelle Aubert (La Sorbonne, Paris): Social Inclusion and Public Sphere: Discussing Habermas' Conception of Democracy

11h45  coffee break

12h  António Marques (Universidade NOVA, Lisbon): Habermas on Kant and the Program of Enlightenment

13h Lunch break

14h30 Krysztof Kedziora (University of Lodz): Habermas and Strawson on the Free Will Problem and Responsibility

15h Valentina Rosina (University of Genova): Habermas on Free Will: A Critical Account

15h30 Stella Casola (University of Milan): Articulating What’s Missing: The Role of Religion in Political Modernity

16h coffee break

16h15 Peter Verovšek (University of Sheffield): The Philosopher as Engaged Citizen: Habermas on the Role of the Intellectual in the Modern Democratic Public Sphere

16h45 Matteo Bozzon (re:constitution fellow, Berlin): “In the Vertigo of this Freedom”: Democracy Between Procedural and Divided Sovereignty

17h15 Pedro Teixeira (Freie Universität, Berlin): A political economy for open democratic self-rule: the possibility of democratic socialism in Habermas

18h End of day 1

|22 NOV, Friday|

9h30  William Outhwaite (Universiy of Newcastle): The Postnational Constellation Revisited: Critical Thoughts on Sovereignty

10h30 Regina Kreide (University of Bielefeld): The Eclipse of the Public Sphere. Habermas and the Structural Change of Society

11h30 coffee break

11h45 Gabriele De Angelis (Universidade NOVA, Lisbon): Is a “Project of Modernity” possible?

12h45 lunch break

14h30 Regina Queiroz (Universidade NOVA, Lisbon): Habermas on People-building in the European Union

15h Javier Gil (University of Oviedo): On the Democratic Scope and Legitimacy of Constitutional Review: Habermas and Beyond

15h30 Roderick Condon (University College, Cork): Reconsidering Habermas’s Thesis of the Colonisation of the Life World

16h coffee break

16h30 Jan Overwijk (University of Amsterdam): Rationalising Modernity: Habermas and the Third Way

17h Patrick O’Mahony (University College, Cork): Towards a Cognitive Sociological Re-elaboration of the Category of Public Sphere

17h30 Conclusions and Farewell

fotografia: Gorka Lejarcegi
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