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18:00 até às 22:00


naked – dressed - not-hidden – free

The exhibition revolves around the sense of the paradox of our physicality. The self-portrait is meant to be a tool for knowing yourself better. However, to do so, to take a better look at your body, you need to take a step back, move away from it. The increase in the distance can paradoxically take us closer to ourselves. 
The artist in her works focuses on the difference between naked and dressed. In her works, different costumes are not meant to hide the body, but to manifest various versions of herself. In her photos, we can't see the precise border between self-discovery and self-creation.  Doing so, treating the body as the canvas, she breaks away from the standard ways of seeing the body.

Exhibition by:
Julia Kafizova


Vernissage Wednesday 6th November __18h-22h

Finissage Wednesday 12th November __18h-22h

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