23:30 até às 08:30
Shlømo x Vhs x Makhno

Shlømo x Vhs x Makhno

Shlømo, real name Shaun Baron-Carvais, is a Parisian DJ, producer and musician at the heart of French underground techno.
Inspired by an early love of French and American hip hop, his entry into electronic music led to early forays into music production as a self-recognized audio addict with a keen interest in analog gear, resulting in several projects outside his main Shlomo. Dubbed today after the introduction of their live atmospheric performances under 'Shaun Baron-Carvais', along with collaborative projects with AWB as Eyssenah and Antigone as Luxor.
an absolute debut in our club
We are waiting for you December 6th on the dance floor.


Guest até ás 02.30h
10.00€ com uma Bebida


Rua Cándido da Cunha 118
4750-276 Barcelos
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