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Yizhaq | Déjà vu

Yizhaq | Déjà vu


Yizhaq is the artist name of Lisbon soundscape creator Isaac Veloso. His near-decade of experience from within the four walls of some of the best club nights echoes through his selections. He hosts Quimera, a monthly show at Rádio Quântica where deconstructed club music sits alongside futuristic reggaeton, kuduro or pop edits.

His DJ picks are very personal: born out of growing tired of the same-old-same-old, Yizhaq discards the greyscale and uninspiring loops and structures so prevalent in mainstream dance music and instead comes up with new rhythms and an infectious sense of innovation. Yizhaq searches for moods, from melancholic bells to distorted melodies, intertwining them with hard drums while trumping the status quo of DJ mixing, by revealing its structures and not giving a damn about what is deemed correct.


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