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21:00 até às 00:00
Meditative Concert Under The Full Moon: Sounds of the World

Meditative Concert Under The Full Moon: Sounds of the World

Meditative Concert Under The Full Moon with Eye Color Dreams at Porto de Leixões Cruise Terminal, in Porto.

Event organized by Creative Oporto, creative tourism platform.
Includes a guided tour of the Cruise Terminal.

- Bring mattress/cushion and blanket for greater comfort during meditation.

Sound Healing Meditative Concert with planetary gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, synthesizers, native american flutes, shamanic drum, ukulele, shruti box, harmonic singing, ocean drum, cosmic xylophone, sansula, among others.

It is an intense and enriching experience, due to the diversity of sounds of the instruments used, from various cultures of the world, and the different dynamics, narratives and soundscapes they provide.

A moment of profound relaxation and healing through sound and vibration on a special Full Moon night.

Eye Color Dreams is a Sound Healing, Meditation and Forest Folk music duo with roots in Nature and soul in the Cosmos.

Videos: https://youtu.be/Sbs_UkRV0JM / https://youtu.be/buNGxZVNtTg / https://youtu.be/x_kjMtHzj7A / https://youtu.be/5QyPh7yf_cc?t=5m18s

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyecolordreams
Instagram: www.instagram.com/eyecolordreams 

Tickets and more info: https://ticketline.sapo.pt/evento/concerto-meditativo-sob-alua-cheia-sons-do-45471?fbclid=IwAR36YybwWK0X1O8zPD6si1JuNyfSXSLeJFslfL1L_Vmp7_bAY0qG-waXl5s
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