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Andy Mumford: Life Lessons from Landscape Photography

Andy Mumford: Life Lessons from Landscape Photography

“Improving our photographic skills often comes from looking outside of photography and how the biggest obstacles can often be caused by our own expectations.” ~Andy Mumford
Throughout his journey in landscape photography, Andy Mumford, has come to realize that a significant part of the pleasure he gets from making images comes from an understanding of why he’s doing it and what he truly expects to get out of it. 

The way a photographer approaches photography will mirror the way they approach their lives. In this Fujifilm sponsored presentation, Mumford will discuss how a greater understanding of expectation can lead to us gain a better appreciation of our own photography thereby maximizing our potential to create compelling images.

Andy Mumford is a Lisbon based professional landscape and travel photographer. He is a passionate teacher of photography and has been leading groups and one-to-one workshops for over seven years. His images and photography writing have been featured in magazines and publications worldwide.  

	Andy is a Fuji X Photographer and a brand ambassador for Fujifilm in Portugal.
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