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Sara Lando: Personal Projects

Sara Lando: Personal Projects

Often photographers don’t commit to a personal project; instead, they snap images in the moment then move on to chase the next. Frequently, fast results are valued over devoting time and effort to a single project without any guarantee that it will be rewarding. To commit time and energy to a project without instant gratification is intimidating, daunting and most get discouraged before they even begin. 

“They look at the amount of work it takes, and they feel like someone who’s badly out of shape at the prospect of running a marathon.” ~Sara Lando

In this discussion, Lando will inspire participants to consider making time and space for passion projects and show by example that when you invest in the creative that not only your work but you will be transformed.

Sara Lando is a part of the communication design firm Papermoustache and an artist who always, and she means always makes time and space for her creative work when she is not teaching workshops and collaborating with peers.  In her own words, “I like to share what I know but I don’t do other people’s homework. I sleep too little. I take pictures.
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