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David Hobby: Beyond f/stops and shutter speeds

David Hobby: Beyond f/stops and shutter speeds

As photographers, something that defines us as a group is a love for—and an understanding of—making pictures, but beyond that, every one of us is a unique individual with different skillsets and experiences. 

This discussion will explore how to integrate your photography with the rest of your non-photo life, skills, and expertise to create a rewarding “sustainable ecosystem,” David Hobby’s customized approach to utilizing a photographer’s individualities for more meaningful visibility in the field. 

Participants will be challenged to think of photography not as an end-all but as a catalyst for creating powerful and unique platforms for life. In applying this concept Hobby has found that working within a “sustainable ecosystem” benefits photographers advantageously. When building on personal niche interest each individual can carve out a marketable place for themselves in the competitive world photographers navigate daily.  

“If life is not going to be fair anyway, it should at least be unfair in your favor.” ~ David Hobby

With a plethora of proven, working examples of “sustainable ecosystems” in practice Hobby will offer participants a roadmap to adapt this theory their own multifaceted work/life scenarios.

David Hobby completed more than 10,000 assignments over twenty-year career as a metro daily staff photojournalist before founding his blog, Strobist.com, in 2006. 

Strobist.com has grown to be a leading resource worldwide for photographers interesting in learning about photographic lighting, with millions of photographers having taken its free online courses. In addition to the online training, Hobby has taught in person at dozens of lighting workshops around the world.
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