10:00 até às 18:00
David Hobby & Sara Lando: The Portrait Extravaganza

David Hobby & Sara Lando: The Portrait Extravaganza

This Workshop Is 100% dedicated to Your Personal Development as a Photographer
The unparalleled combination of Sara Lando and David Hobby is a marriage of whimsy and execution exclusive to participants of Porto Photo Fest.
Under their tutelage during this full-day portrait intensive participants will hone:
•	Their Emotional Interaction with a Model
•	Discovering the Face Through a Single Light Source
•	The Art of Subtle Gestures
•	Coaxing a Memorable Moment
•	Lights, Distance, and Feathering: Manipulating Light and Environment
•	Combining Ambient Light and Flash (Single and Multiple)
Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work on evolving your portrait process with these elite masters. Not only will participants walk away with multiple images, but they also gain a hands-on working knowledge of the diverse techniques mastered by Lando and Hobbs that can be applied to every aspect of their work. 
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