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Sara Lando: Human Layers workshop

Sara Lando: Human Layers workshop

Acclaimed Art Photographer Sarah Lando is excited to be on hand to inspire, encourage, and guide participants through the process of making an artist book in this half-day workshop.
Using a single folded sheet of paper as the base participants will explore what the prompt “Human Layers” and with the full freedom of expression they will be in control of what storytelling takes place. 
“Every person should feel free to experiment without assuming they need to stick to a specific assumption about what a “book” is supposed to be. The possibility to write and delete, to be ambiguous, to leave information out, is an integral part of [this] process.”  ~Sarah Lando
A wide range of materials and techniques will be used to create the book: cellphone photos, found images, objects, collage, multimedia recordings integrated via QR, just to name a few. Sarah’s motivation is to guide and demonstrate a range of possibilities while leaving the process completely open to interpretation empowering participants to take charge. 
There will be no mistakes. Each book will follow its own path and through the work the participants will regain the right to be opaque, to only share what they want to share and how they decide to share it.
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