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Zig Zags + Maggot Heart | Cartaxo Sessions

Zig Zags + Maggot Heart | Cartaxo Sessions

As Cartaxo Sessions juntam-se ao In.Str para mais uma sessão gratuita de concertos, no Jardim das Portas do Sol, em Santarém.Zig Zags, (USA) 8 anos, 7 singles, 3 álbuns, 3 baixistas, 2 bateristas a banda evoluiu continuamente, sofreu mutações, transformou-se, subindo de novo e de novo, como uma fênix emergindo da chama.
Maggot Heart é uma criação do guitarrista / cantor sueco Linnéa Olsson (ex-membro do Beastmilk / Grave Pleasures, Sonic Ritual e The Oath).Quinta-feira, 8 agosto – 21h45 – Jardim Portas do Sol///ZIG ZAGS///
https://www.facebook.com/zigzagsmusic/“Everyone puts photos of Sid Vicious up on Instagram. The other night I watched ‘D.O.A’, the documentary about The Sex Pistols, first and only U.S. tour. In it -Sid's a mess, he and his annoying girlfriend. And they're the only ones who get interviewed! Maybe John Lydon and Steve Jones (not to mention the drummer) didn't want to participate. Maybe Nancy made Sid do it. But it whatever the case, I didn't wanna watch it. The rest of the band is crushing! They sound just like the record! As a musician in a touring band, I can't stand Sid Vicious. He’s cartoon character with a Swastika shirt, nodding off while everyone else loads the gear. I don't care if it's punk - you still gotta be able to play.” -J. Maheu, lead vocals and guitar for Zig Zags 8 years, 7 singles, 3 albums, 3 bass players, 2 drummers and God knows how many shows later - Zig Zags has continually evolved, mutated, transitioned and transformed, rising again and again, like a phoenix emerging from the flame. The addition of the newest member of our triumvirate - multi - instrumentalist, designated bassist (and longtime Zig Zags sound engineer) Sean Hoffman -recalls those golden moments past, when destiny stepped in...like when Neil Peart joined Rush or Bob Rock teamed up with Metallica. In short - the circle is now complete, the cornerstone has been set and the winged serpent rises - once again. Some say it’s luck, but really, it’s about patience. A band is like a relationship. You have to know when to push, and when to hold back. You gotta listen and you gotta learn. We look to the masters. Like Henry and Glenn, we’ve gone from drinking hooch to pumpin’ iron. We quit smoking. Two of us are married, for chrissakes! After 2017’s brutal European tour, which left us coughing blood and taking names, we sought out Lemmy’s Doctor (Feel Good), who diagnosed us with,”Rock’n’roll Pneumonia”. Like Lemmy, we were pushing too hard. And if you push too hard you’ll end up in an apartment above The Rainbow Room, playing video poker on Christmas Eve (which is also your birthday)...but that’s another story. The thing is - we ain’t dead yet. Every album we record, every song we write - has to be faster, harder and heavier -than the one before. And that’s why this new record is all about upping the ante and raises the stakes, and why it marks the dawn of a new day...and a new era. This album, our first with Riding Easy, was written over the last year. It’s reveals our longtime roots, our enduring love (all hail!) to the early punk of our hero(ines) Dead Moon and The Wipers (forever!) but friends, don’t be mislead...this is a METAL record -of the true blue, headbangin’, riff - ridin’, no - bullshit -kind. Listen here - it ain’t easy to play guitar and sing at the same time! But the more you focus, the more you get your head in the game, the more you push (yourselves and each other), the better it all gets. And the songs, they thank you for it. They get tougher, wilder and more raw, the more you strip them down.Iggy Pop & Zig Zags cover Betty Davis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H98t0-D4wlY///MAGGOT HEART///MAGGOT HEART is the brainchild of Swedish guitarist/singer Linnéa Olsson (former member of Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures, Sonic Ritual and The Oath). The debut EP „CITY GIRLS“ has been making waves in the summer of 2017, gathering critical acclaim and boasting two swiftly sold-out pressings.July 2018 will see the release of the much-awaited first album „DUSK TO DUSK“, once again on Berlin-based imprint TERATOLOGY SOUND & VISION. As was the case with the EP, the album sees Linnea employing the services of fellow Swedes Uno Bruniusson (Procession, Death Alley, ex-In Solitude and Grave Pleasures) on drums and Gottfrid Åhman (No Future, Reveal, ex-In Solitude, Invidious, Repugnant) on bass. Recorded in Studio Cobra (In Solitude, Nifelheim, Pig Eyes) in Stockholm in December 2017 under the guidance of Martin Ehrencrona, „Dusk To Dusk“ witnesses Maggot Heart as they build on the sound of „City Girls“ to expand its boundaries and achieve a very personal
result, which is much more than the sum of its influences. „Dusk to Dusk“ is the sound of a comedown in the blue light of the dawn. Darker, monolithic and slightly melancholic, its nine songs move through pictures of isolation in altered states - we get presented with a highly dynamic spectrum of saturnine moods
that builds the fundament for snarling, rusty guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on neither a Killing Joke nor a Stooges record. They steadily mingle and fight with a powerful rhythm section that is at times reminiscent of the maddening stomp that put
noise rock heroes like The Jesus Lizard or The Birthday Party in the pantheon of rock music. „Dusk To Dusk“ is an album well informed by what has happened in music since the late seventies, yet never relying on past achievements.This is a highly personal „alchemical blitz“, that through unorthodox approaches and intense lyricism highlights a certain kind of savagery in rock and roll that seems to have gone missing in the retro-craze of the 2010s.After being launched in 2017 MAGGOT HEART has quickly risen to one of the most exciting and talked about underground rock acts of today.
Here are some voices on „City Girls“ EP:
„Wringing potent, penetrating magic from the dark recesses of human experience [...]“ - Blabbermouth„City Girls is a great release that should appeal equally to metalheads and punks alike and we can only wait for a full album to follow it.“ - Metal Invader„Favorite guitar performance (and lyrics) of the year go to Linnéa Olsson. If you’ve ever felt awash in your own toxicity, and then you try to go outside to escape yourself only to become awash in the toxicity of whatever trash-heap city you live in, then City Girls is the
album for you.“ - Toilet Ov Hell„...and on another note, WHY oh WHY is Maggot Heart "city girls" ep sold out?! ARRRRRGH!“ - Fenriz, DarkthroneNow known for their intense live shows, MAGGOT HEART spent the last year playing festivals like ROADBURN and CHAOS DESCENDS and touring Europe with REVEAL and OCCVLTA.Show Them Your Teeth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxs-iqW7kOM

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