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Shai Dayan & Avadhootika Vistar Concert, Meditation & Chanting

Shai Dayan & Avadhootika Vistar Concert, Meditation & Chanting

"Behind every sound and light there is an infinite space of silence and that is who we are."

On July 12th we invite you for a very special concert and collaboration between Shai Dayan and Avadhootika Vistar who are joining us after sitting with their common teacher in the Himalayas for 25 years.

Each person at this concert is bringing with them powerful wisdom and ancient knowledge of self, breath and mantra.

** This event is a pre-event to a workshop we will do with Shai Dayan on August 4th in Lisbon **

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Voice Being with Shai Dayan

"Self inquiry through the medium of voice and music is extremely useful. it can serve us as a key which opens a door to our true nature as peaceful freedom. It can take us so deep until there will be no more use for a key because there are no doors anywhere, only one vast space of
presence." Shai Dayan

The Voice Being experience is both deep and joyful as it leads us to meet our true nature and makes us ask essential questions about it. Through this experience we can discover the simplicity of silence as pure presence, joy and childlike playfulness. This can be useful for anybody interested
in deepening awareness of his or her voice, body, mind and spirit .

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Meditation and Chanting with Avadhootika Vistar
With the powerful tools of self-inquiry, meditation and chanting
we can begin to explore the underlying state of oneness, the source of no "other.”

The teachings of Advaita Vedanta, non-dualism guide us to
attend and be absorbed in the field of the unchanging. However, it is imperative that we engage in a direct experience of the unchanging, without which this pursuit is futile.

Now the question needs to be addressed; how do we attain this freedom from duality? How do we initiate a journey of self-discovery?

Meditation and chanting are powerful tools that unfold a continuous source of inspiration and revelatory awareness. The state of reflection and absorption that evolves in mediation, the concentrated immersion and expression of sound, tuning into the source of sound and the ensuing transcendence are a consistent reminder of what is our indestructible reality and joy.
Mediation and chanting allow us one a continual revisiting of that unique, transcendent experience. A path of self-reflection of our true nature, the nature of freedom itself.

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20 euros

7.30pm: Arrival
8.00pm: Doors close and concert begins
(**Doors can not be opened for anyone after 8pm)

To attend please send us an e-mail to confirm your place for attendance primalcreaturebeings@gmail.com.

** This event is a pre-event to a workshop we will do with Shai Dayan on August 4th. Please get in touch to sign up or learn more details **

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The Address
Horus Massagens
R. Rodrigues Sampaio, 19, Lisboa, 1150-278

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About Avadhootika Vistar

Vistar has lived in the Indian Himalayas for thirty five years as a teacher, meditator and practitioner of Advaita-Vedanta, the philosophy of non-dualism. She has studied Indian classical music for over fifteen years and she earned an MA in Indian classical voice. Vistar teaches Advaita Vedanta, meditation, chanting and Indian classical music in many parts of the world. She has collaborated with musicians from India, Canada and Israel to produce three digital recordings, comprising ancient Hindu texts set to her original compositions. Her musical recordings are the culmination of two profound inspirations: her in-depth study and practice of the philosophy of Oneness and her love of music that promotes and is conducive to meditation and peace.

About Vistar visit: www.SongofUnborn.com
Music: www.souncloud.com/avadhootika ; https://soundcloud.com/user-744554637
Other: www.rahasyageet.com

About Shai Dayan

Shai Dayan is a multi-instrumental improvisation artist and a voice healer. He had been studying philosophy and practising meditation in I.M.I. (International Meditation Institute), in Kulu, India for 5 years and taking non-dualist perspective into part of his life. Since the last 15 years he has been dealing the connection of free music, free voice and meditation. He gives workshops sharing his method under the name of “Voice Being” that gives participants an opportunity to unfold their true nature of freedom through an experience of breath, movement and voice.

Shai plays concerts throughout the whole of Europe and Israel, composes music for dance projects and films.

Everyone is welcome to take part in his workshop, both professional musicians and people who have never been singing. This workshop is preceded by Shai's concert as an introduction to practice. Participants may experience the healing power of the voice and discover their own resources of inspiration and creativity.

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About Primal

Primal is a family of healers, spaces and human beings reconnecting with our creature instincts and primal nature through sound, movement, nourishment and creation. They are also the organisers of Primal Gathering. A regeneration festival that leaves people and places better than how they are found by learning skills like Natural Building, Permaculture, Reforestation, Authentic relating and other modalities.

Together we come together to learn to co-exist with ourselves, each other and the planet that nurtures us all.

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