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17:00 até às 19:30
Architectours ! Aliados - A modern boulevard for the city

Architectours ! Aliados - A modern boulevard for the city

On the holiday of 20th of June we're retaking this tour!

The boulevard of Aliados and its two squares are the thrumming heart of the city. We want to delve into its origins, as well as why and how Porto reinvented itself in the transition from the 19th and 20th century. What aesthetics to pursue, what stories lie behind the façades. How this Porto of a English ambience decided to have a French outlook. Do come with us, we're choosing the softer golden light of the days end to fully appreciate all the nuances and intricacies of the city's most important spot!

Important Information:
Language of the tour: English
Day: Thursday, 20th of June
Time: 17h00 -19h30

Meeting point: close to a metro station nearby. As we have just a certain number of places we're keeping them for those most interested in taking the tour, therefore we kindly ask you to confirm by sending an email to architectoursporto@gmail.com and we'll be happy to tell exactly where.

Price: €5 (free for children), payable on the spot
Distance: 1,0km (ending and beginning at the same place). We'll take those three hours to savour all the different stories and details of the tour. There are no hilly inclines, nor steps, so it's easy to do it with a pram, or bring your toddlers, or even your beloved pet for a stroll!

Any doubt, any question, we're just a click away! :) See you then!
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