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14:00 até às 12:30
DEEP TIME YOGA - a  Beingness Retreat

DEEP TIME YOGA - a Beingness Retreat

DEEP TIME YOGA - a  Beingness Retreat in the Algarve/Portugal with Nitya Ramchandran

“You are the unfolding of all moments” - Dogen Zenji

Time is one of the most profound dimensions of human experience - a concept which humans have researched extensively through philosophy, psychology, physics, the arts and - of course - Yoga.

The commonly held belief of “not having enough time” however, causes us much stress, dissatisfaction and disease. We long for time to rest, time to enjoy simple pleasures, time to be with our loved ones or time to engage in our hearts´ work. 

On a global level, with many beloved species on the brink of extinction, highly polarised societies, exponential ecological collapse and powerful systems running blindly, we may also constantly feel the pressure that “time is running out”.  

On this  precipice, it feels paradoxically urgent to transcend into deep states of timelessness, bliss, love, connection and inclusivity, inspiring us to live the joy, peace and beauty we so long for. 

In my series of Deep Time Retreats, we will dive into this subject matter together and explore our very own ideas and attitudes around time in an experiential manner. 

The first Deep Time retreat allows us to engage in quiet, but intensive Yoga practices, including breath, movement, sound and energy work. The intention is to slow down, connect deeply with our hidden resources, learn to savour the moment and develop the ability to share and apply our own timeless knowledge. 

In the words of Joanna Macy: “What people most need to hear is inside them.” 

About Nitya

In addition to over 30 years of personal Yoga practice and 10 years of teaching Yoga to groups and individuals, I draw inspiration from my artistic practice as well as my clinical work as an art & body psychotherapist, offering a synthesis of the healing arts as an integrative force.

My intention with Deep Time Yoga is to offer simple but profound ways to engage with our inner and outer worlds and to remind us of the innate wisdom we all carry. 

I offer this in service of creating a world together that we would really like to live in.

More about my work can be found here: www.soulinfusion.de

13-20 October, 2019

Bodhi Bhavan, Monchique, Portugal


8-10: Morning Practice
Pranayama, Asana, Meditation

10.30 - 11.30:
Lovingly prepared vegetarian brunch with seasonal and regional products

11.30 - 17
Unplanned time to rest, be creative, read or explore the beautiful Algarve country. Private sessions with Nitya can be booked on request.

17 - 19
Evening Practice
Sharing, sound work, restorative work


English and/ or German, depending on the requirements of participants

550/- for the teaching
270/- to 370/- accomodation, depending on room category
250/- for food per week

Optional: 85/- per private session if required.

Further information & registration:

Follow up Retreats:

Deep Time Yoga II
Cultivating “Eternal Space” in Auroville, South India
January 5-20th, 2020

The second Deep Time Retreat is dedicated to researching the fluid nature of time. A Zen concept of time states that only in “being time”, we can know eternity and pass through the threshold of time that lies deep in every moment. 

Please get in touch for further details.
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