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Illustration School

Illustration School

Under the title RAW, the Illustration School’s upcoming edition focuses on collaborative learning methods through multiple disciplinary intersections with food as a central element. The Illustration School is an international research and pedagogical platform that investigates the expanded field of illustration and food. The school is based in Porto, Portugal and this immersive course with a group of female tutors from multiple disciplines, will run from the 14–20 July 2019.

Tutors include the illustrator and publisher Karen Lacroix, architect Matilde Seabra, performance artist Inês Neto dos Santos, printmaker Alexandra Rafael, photographer Margarida Correia and food designer Orlando Lovell.

Partners include Local.org, an association dedicated to food thinking and its relationship to various areas of life, in order to contribute to the creation of sustainable food systems, the design research centre Shared Institute and Instituto, a focal point for different forms of cultural expression in the historic centre of the city of Porto and Oficina Mescla, a collaborative workshop for printmaking.

Deadline to apply: 15 May 2019. Fees: €615 incl. VAT. 
For more information and to apply visit: www.illustration.school
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