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19:30 até às 22:30
Cacau junto ao Mar

Cacau junto ao Mar

Cacau is a sagred plant medicine, teacher and master. Cacau helps us to connect deeper and to grow in our personal process. He gives us the power to arrive in the present moment in our heart-center, this center of creation, trust and love from where we can act purely and in love towards life. He shares pure healing energy.

Ancient cultures like the Incas and Mayas understood the healing power of Cacau and they honoured the Cacau by offering it to the the gods and sitting in ceremonies to connect with their higher self and the community.

In this ceremony you too are going to connect with the medicine plant Cacau. We guide you to your inner place of silence, we guide you to your heart-center to heal whatever needs to be healed. We will take you on an inner meditative sensorial journey guided by llive music to connect deeply with your heart- center, from where we will take you to explore your own rythm, your own movements and your own sound.

 The intention of the ceremony is to overcome fears, to trust in yourself and your mission in life, to trust in life and the universe and to reconnect with this beautiful life force energy within you. We will use the proximity to the Ocean to connect even deeper with our inner waters, our emotions and to make peace with the waves of life.

Join us for our first the first cacau ceremony in Baleal ever ever =)

Limited spaces**
Please reserve your spot by message to Cris Calçada
What to bring: Water, your favourite cup for the Cacau, mat and/or blanket.
Conscious donation: Minimum 15€

With Love, 

Coração de Cacau
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