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21:00 até às 00:00
Luigi Pirandello's HENRY IV

Luigi Pirandello's HENRY IV

This loose limbed free-flowing adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s audaciously layered and cerebrally psychedelic 1920s masterpiece ushers you into the delirious hall of mirrors that is the mind of a man who, after an accident while at a medieval pageant, is locked into the role he played in the pageant, Henry IV, for the next twenty years! The action opens at his house on the day when his friends arrive with a psychiatrist in an attempt to cure him of his delusions, setting into motion an increasingly unhinged chain of confessions, revelations and a decades-in-the-making act of catharsis, and reality acquires a shade of the twilight zone where every moment reality oozes dizzyingly into the infinite nether realm of a delirious imagination, where the rules of sanity slowly vanish in a labyrinth of mirrors that reflect ever-changing masked images of ourselves and memory bleeds into hazy dreams of multiple realities.


Premiere: Jan 31, 21.00 h

Feb 1, 2, 6,7,8,9 

Sunday matinee:
Feb 3 & 10

Pat Butler, Inês Chora, Francisco Gomes, Margarida Leão, Beatriz Andrez, Gonçalo Perestrello, Santina Polky-Link, Nathalia Rodrigues

Set Designer: Maria Sanchez
Asst. Set designer and Production Asst: Kezia Homfray
Music: Filipe Fernandes Thomaz
Seamstress: Elizabeth Day
Photographer: Beactriz Guerreiro
Stage Manager : Vicky Shearn
Adapted & Directed by Suresh Nampuri
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