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Culture and Sustainable Cities

Culture and Sustainable Cities

In recent years, one can observe that Lisbon highly increased its number of annual tourists, changed policy making to create different forms of mobility, renovated public spaces, and underpinned many other changes, with consequences that deserve public attention and debate in different sectors. 
The ways of life on how each one lives and thinks sustainability is highly influenced by public policies, non governmental organisations, but also the local and individual spheres. 
Festival DME is associated to the space and organisation Lisboa Incomum and intends to promote debate surrounding different topics that connect different points of view of culture and sustainability.

The symposium themes are divided in areas such as:
- music, soundscape and ecology
- industries, policymaking and sustainability
- sustainability as a way of life
- environmental activism in art

Confirmed speakers
Eléonore Bak: researcher at the Centre de Recherche sur l’Espace Sonore et l’Environnement Urbain - CRESSON, France
MUBI: Association for the Urban Mobility in Bicycle, Portugal
Tomás Henriques: Portuguese composer and Professor at SUNY College at Buffalo, USA
Anna Maria Orrù: her work is embedded in biomimicry, artistic research and in curating performative research, providing an alternate approach to the field of sustainable design, art, ecological urbanism and architecture.
Morten Søndergaard: poet and artist

Program & Schedule
To be announced soon.

Festival DME is pleased to announce a call for music integrated in the symposium ‘Culture and Sustainable Cities’, that will take place in November 16th to 18th, 2018, at Lisboa Incomum — http://www.lisboaincomum.pt/ . 
It will feature concerts, conferences, workshops and an audiovisual installation. 
This call is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. 
There is no submission fee.

Mais info em: http://www.festival-dme.org/2018/08/culture-and-sustainable-cities.html
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